MyRunningApp allows you to track your fitness activities, whether it's a walk or a run, or if you're riding a bike, using GPS of your Android mobile/tablet.
It's easy to use for both experienced users and for those who begin fitness activity, with the free availability of all features, without the need to purchase an additional Pro version.


Monitor exercise progress, even with the help of the voice coach:

  • view the route on the map
  • distance traveled
  • time spent
  • calories
  • current speed
  • average speed
  • steps, steps/min (if the step detector sensor is available in your device)
  • current, average and interval average cadence (if the cadence sensor is available)
  • current pace
  • average pace
  • altitude
  • current, average and interval average heart rate, current, average and interval average percentages of HR MAX , thanks to the connection to a compliant Bluetooth® Smart or ANT+ heart rate monitor
  • clock.

In settings you can enable NIGHT MODE and in ACTIVITY PARAMETERS you have the ability to customize the displayed parameters.

You can export the workout details in TCX or GPX format.

Tapping on auto pause in the application's settings, the workout session is paused automatically when you stop moving. Also you can use pause/resume software botton or the multimedia keys such as the ones on your headset (for example play/pause, stop, next, previous, rewind, fastforward) that allow you pause and resume the activity.


You can analyze your performance on a graph  where  are displayed different parameters as pace, speed, altitude, heart rate, HR zones, distance, duration, and you can analyze your weekly, monthly and yearly performance statistics (number of activities, distance, time and calories). Also you can view your records for workout sessions.

You have the option of compare graph too; the comparison is made on the graph as a function of time or heart rate.


MyRunningApp also provides INDOOR MODE:

1. enabling “indoor mode” you can use the application without GPS, for example in gym while you are running on a treadmill or cyclette
during an indoor workout session, the voice coach and the application's screen will indicate you the speed to set on the equipment display to meet workout's target pace
with a connected heart rate monitor, you can monitor "heart rate zone" workouts using any gym equipment, for example step, rower, etc.


If you are an experienced user you can define your single workout sessions and/or combine them in training plans, if you are at the beginning you can activate generic training plans already predefined:

- run from 0 to 30 minutes

- run from 30 to 60 minutes

- from 0 to 5K

- from 0 to 10 K.

For each workout session you can choose between:

- target pace
- target heart rate zone
- target record.

When you create a workout session, in "interval type" there are also AUTOMATIC LAP and MANUAL LAP. Tapping on automatic lap, then you have to enter the lap length and the number of laps; in manual lap mode, GPS will not be used and you will indicate "manually" the end of the lap you are doing, and the beginning of the new lap; this is done through the use of end lap software button, or using the multimedia keys usually on the headset.

Then, selecting CHALLENGE you have the opportunity to improve your performance: on the basis of workout that you want to challenge, the application automatically defines the parameters of the new workout session to be performed and the vocal coach and/or screen indications suggest the pace to follow to overcome the challenge.

You can create and track your WORKOUT GOALS based on the number of workouts, the distance or time, and you can choose a custom, weekly or monthly schedule.


Tapping GEARS you can enter sport gears to use during your workouts and monitor the percentage of use and the cost for unity of distance.


The feature OFFLINE MAPS allows you to use a map in absence of internet network. All vector maps in

format mapsforge (extension .map), downloadable from specific websites, are supported. When a vector

map is active, it replaces Google Map.


Selecting IN APP PURCHASE you can decide, through a small annual subscription, to remove ads when using the application. The process is the one used by Google Play.


BACKUP your database allows you to store all your workouts and training plans; you can:

- backup now

- backup your database automatically after each workout

- share your database backup.

You can backup and restore via Google Drive too.


During your workout you can listen to music and take photos, and after the workout you can share the statistics of your performance on Facebook, Twitter, or other applications, even adding photos from you camera or gallery. Also you can send workout details to Google Fit, Strava or Runalyze.


Download the MyRunningApp user guide to discover all the features.